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Basics of Stirred Drinks


1 Hour

About the Course

In this class the guests will take a look at booze-forward cocktails as the broad category of drinks that attempt to balance booze, bitter, and sweet.

We will mix together through the Old Fashioned (with a Sazerac variant), Manhattan (with a rye vs bourbon tasting, and perfect and black variants), Martini (with a classic/modern and twist/olive garnish tasting), and Negroni (with a ratio adjustment lesson and boulevardier variant).

Guests will learn how to stir, pour and garnish like a pro!

Your Instructor

Chad Hauge

Chad is a creator and collaborator. He has served as the beverage director for Longman & Eagle in Chicago, designed drinks for bars from NYC to Omaha, and his cocktails have been poured for Bulls & Blackhawks games. His work has been featured in Vanity Fair and Wine Enthusiast, and Chad is, in his heart, a clown. He is excited for the opportunity to be making cocktails in Glen Ellyn near his alma mater, the ever dry Wheaton College.

Chad Hauge
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